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Let's face it... real estate financing is one of the biggest headaches you can endure.  It gets even more frustrating when the bank cares more about your dog's middle name than it does the value of your home.  Franklin Capital LLC is an Arizona-based real estate lender that changes that stigma.  We are designed to simplify the lending process for a wide variety of situations. Our company specializes in collateral-based lending that depends on the property or project itself, as opposed to lengthy underwriting guesswork. Whether you’re an investor, builder, homeowner or or seeing fix or flip loans, Franklin Capital has solutions to get the job done. Highly recommended and named best hard money lenders Phoenix for A reason.

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Financing Areas


So you bought your perfect acre on a hilltop, paid a fortune for the best architect you could find, put your house up for sale, and now the bank doesn't want to finance your dream home.  Franklin Capital has your back - and we want to see your dream home become reality!

Bridge Loans

Timing in real estate can be as unpredictable as it is frustrating, especially when the perfect home for your family is waiting just beyond your grasp. We know how hard it can be to sell your current home in time.  Good news - we can help. Speak to our Phoenix hard money lenders team! 

Home Fix and Flip Loans Arizona

You've got enough work on your hands ordering material, finding subcontractors, and keeping your flip on schedule.  Let Franklin Capital put together a financing solution that is worry and stress free.  

Long term loans

Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try, you can't get a bank loan for the home you want to buy.  Maybe you don't have the best credit, or some petty detail keeps you from getting past regulations.  At Franklin Capital we make our decisions based on the property itself, eliminating these issues. We are the best solution for private loan services for business.


Finding financing for a project that not only doesn't exist yet, but also relies on income generation once completed is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Don't worry - we started as developers ourselves and want to help you succeed.

Specialized capital lending

As a 21st Century lender, we strongly believe in creativity and resourcefulness... and we'll bet on it too.  If you need capital for your venture, unconvention project or other business loan needs, call or email us.  We are always happy to listen. Contact our Arizona hard money office.



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