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We formed Franklin Capital for one reason: to transform one of the most dreaded parts of working in real estate into a simple, hassle-free process. We think traditional lending has become far too complicated, relying more on government regulations than the merits of a project.  

When you apply with Franklin Capital, your information doesn't get processed by a server using vague algorithms - instead, a real person evaluates the project based on time-tested principles of investment.  If we approve of the proposed project, we will provide loan terms within a couple days and close immediately upon signing.  Plus, we thrive on our client's success and hope to establish long-term relationships, meaning you'll never have to look anywhere else for a reliable source of capital.  Shouldn't it have always been this simple? Contact the #1 rated hard money lenders in Phoenix, AZ.


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We know it can be tough choosing the right hard money lender.  That's why we've made it easy to tackle all of your financing needs in one location.  Fill out our online application or contact us to answer any of your questions.

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Matt Stevenson

Founder and Principle of Franklin Capital, Matt Stevenson is a real estate developer, general contractor, and entrepreneur specializing in construction-related activities.  His experience in construction and business development give him an in-touch perspective on lending - one that emanates into the core philosophies of Franklin Capital.  His passion for customer service and real relationships creates an environment that is comfortable and meets the needs of the client.




chief of lending

Carlo Pennella

Carlo is an ex-Wall Street investor who turned to real estate in 2005 to pursue alternative investments.  For the past 12 years, Carlo has worked in various forms of real estate lending, investment, and property improvement.  He has a seamless track record of success in his real estate projects, making him the perfect partner to assist clients in project funding.  Carlo oversees the approval and terms of loans, ensuring stability for both the borrower and the investor.